Teacher Training

I hold two post graduate teacher training roles at recognised institutions, training teachers at Masters level (Level 7). I also train new and experienced piano teachers privately for diploma exams, and as professional development. This option suits teachers who need to work to their own schedule and have specific areas of interest they wish to address.

Do you want to know what a Megafix is, or encourage small hand technique? Perhaps you want to grow your business or impact. Please contact me to discuss how you will develop your work.


I have been encouraged and inspired by my lessons with Roberta. She has helped me in improving my own technique, and is generous in imparting her wealth of experience of teaching piano students. Especially with respect to keeping the learning process stimulating (and fun!). It is easy to respect her views, because she plays exceptionally well, and her students perform with poise and musicality.”  


“Thanks so much for all the inspirational input of 2023.”

Frances Philpot

Thank you so much for all you help, support and sharing of your wisdom in your teaching.

Music Teacher

“Roberta teachers with infectious enthusiasm and as a mentor and a teacher is both inspirational and inspiring. Roberta motivates and guides with patience and expertise, encouraging you to explore all musically related paths. As a very mature student, Roberta has gently encouraged me to push boundaries and realise my goals.”