Coaching is all about working with a client towards their identified goals in creative, effective, research proven ways. There is nothing quite as fulfilling or inspiring as a personalised plan, and support mechanism (your coach). We each have our own strengths, our own specialised area of impact, and our own unique path within the music industry. Whilst we might get ideas from reading about what other teachers do and how they work, ultimately it is through turning the focus inward that we discover our own identity as a professional. My unique blend of skills in coaching, mentoring and the music industry mean I am a perfect partner for this work.

Past clients have:

  • improved their time management and work/life balance
  • increased student numbers
  • drawn up contracts which support how they want to work
  • learnt strategies to manage boundaries and improve how they handle difficult situations
  • have improved their own balance between teaching others and playing/learning for themselves
  • addressed their own imposter syndrome
  • improved their performance skills, see performance coaching
  • identified future pathways and possibilities to grow impact
  • completed projects (writing a PhD, developing a website)
  • found creative solutions to dilemmas
  • managed big life changes

My experience is extensive, I teach and mentor on two post graduate programmes (Guildhall and University of Chichester) for musicians and pianists. I mentor Guildhall staff as part of their professional development. I am a practitioner level coach and professional member of EMCC, European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Additionally, I have a level 3 certificate in child coaching. I have worked in Higher Education and in schools from Reception to Year 13. I have taught group music, choir, and have sat as a school Governor. I am confident that I am able to provide a rich, dynamic and effective coaching experience for you as a result of my experience, skills and passion for people development.

I coach in person or via video / audio call. For more information please contact me. All potential clients are offered a free, no obligation from there we develop a programme to support your aims.

For more information please visit my dedicated coaching site here.