Piano Lessons

Piano lessons with me are about developing your unique, creative voice based on an embedded technical and musical foundation. I develop thinking musicians, encouraging each student to become objective about their own work and performance and to be in control of their own learning. This means students develop musicality and skills which stay with them forever rather than merely learning individual pieces as they were taught.

I draw on different methods to achieve this depending on the learning styles of each student. Nurturing self awareness, a reflective practice, and growth mindset are central themes, alongside creativity, expression and enjoyment.   

With 20 years experience in the music industry I am confident I can enrich your musical journey. I have worked in these capacities, 121 and group lessons, One-off Lessons or Mock Exams, Grade 8 Aural Exam Preparation, Developing Sight-Reading Skills, Musicianship, Theory and Composition Lessons, Performance Groups, Exam Accompaniment. To date, private students have learnt with me for enjoyment and as a step towards a career in music. These students have successfully auditioned to become music scholars, join junior conservatoires, study music at Cambridge and win festivals, including a second prize in the final round of the EPTA piano competition. I would love to hear from you whether you choose one of these options or whether you have a new idea.


“Thank you for inspiring me!” 


Thank you so much for inspiring and guiding me. Your lessons are transforming my playing and having an ongoing effect on my teaching too!

Anastasia Cunningham

“You were a complete inspiration to me, and I loved my piano lessons. Thank you so much for the amazing work we did in theory in which I passed with 77, I never thought that I could.” 


“Roberta is a teacher of exceptional qualities – she has formulated excellent and positive relationships with all her pupils and staff within the department. The qualities of her teaching and administrative duties are of a very high standard. Roberta ensures that her pupils are offered an all-round musical education through her piano teaching – she is aware of the needs of the pupils and develops their needs accordingly, whilst always keeping within professional boundaries. Roberta maintains high standards in her teaching.”

Director of Music, Streatham and Clapham High School.

“As a parent, I have found Roberta to be an engaging as well as inspirational teacher. Her lessons are well structured and tailored to suit the individual. Her communication with the student in terms of expectations and discussing short / long term goals help to ensure that progress is consistent. Regular end of term performance concerts help to build confidence in a relaxed informal environment. Under Roberta’s tutoring, my daughter has come a long way in terms of technique, understanding the finer nuances of different composers and appreciation of piano playing as a whole. Roberta is a warm and caring person who gives her best as a teacher.” 

Fiona D’Silva

“5 stars out of 5 stars. Roberta’s lessons are always really engaging and I love every minute of them! Roberta is able to push me to get the best out of me, which I really like. I have high ambitions for the future and Roberta is able to adapt her teaching style to fit my needs. I would certainly recommend Roberta to anyone who wishes to learn the piano ;-)” 

Shayna D’Silva